About MikvahMinder

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DovieMikvahMinder was first conceived by our lead developer Tuvia, about one year after his second son Dovie was born. (See photo on right)  As with all great things MikvahMinder was inspired by Tuvia's wife, when she asked for his help as she had gotten a little rusty figuring out the different separation days. Tuvia, being the impatient person he is, after about five minutes asked the question:

Why can't a computer do this?

--Tuvia (circa 2006)

So, after much discussion with his wife and numerous trips to the bookshelf to retrieve Taharas HaMishpacha seforim as well as programming manuals, Tuvia began writing the software that became Tuvia soon realized that while he could write really cool computer programs, he knew next to nothing about running a business, marketing, and a whole lot of other skills which would make MikvahMinder successful.

Tuvia decided to partner up with a fine English chap from his shul called Avraham, who just happened to have extensive experience in marketing, business development, and a really cool accent to boot!   Avraham and Tuvia have been working together since June 2008 to put together the best (and only) online interactive Taharas HaMishpacha calendar to suit the needs of today's Jewish women.  



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