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General Questions:

Questions about Cell Phone Reminders:


General Questions:

How Much Does MikvahMinder™ Cost?

MikvahMinder.com is free for your first three months, and then if you like it (and we hope you do!) it's $18 USD per year, less than most printed Jewish Women's Calendars!  You do not have to enter any financial information to try out MikvahMinder™.

Does MikvahMinder store my records?

Yes. When you subscribe to MikvahMinder, all the dates you enter are recorded on your MikvahMinder™ calendar and stored securely in our database.

How do I know this information is secure?

MikvahMinder takes privacy and security very seriously. The MikvahMinder system is designed with safeguards so that you and only you have access to your account. We will never ask you for your password. Click here to read our full privacy policy.

I follow a unique minhag. Can I still use MikvahMinder?

Yes! MikvahMinder.com calculates all vestos according to your selected minhag.  We currently support Ashkenaz, Chabad (according to the Alte Rebbe), and Sephardic minhagim.  However, if you do not wish to use MikvahMinder's automatic calculations, you can turn them off and enter in your vestos manually. MikvahMinder™ will still send you reminders on these dates.

What do I need to use MikvahMinder?

All you need is a computer, internet access and the latest web browser! MikvahMinder™ has been tested with Firefox 2&3, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8.

Firefox v2 and v3 Internet Explorer v.7 Opera Safari

MikvahMinder™ Online Taharas HaMishpacha calendar meets W3C standards, and should work on other modern web browsers.

Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict

Valid CSS!


Do I have to enter dates using the Jewish Calendar?

You can enter dates into your MikvahMinder™ calendar using either the Jewish or Civil calendar and MikvahMinder™ will automatically convert them to the Jewish calendar.

What do I do if I'm having a problem using MikvahMinder?

In the event that you have any problem using MikvahMinder.com, please email the webmaster immediately.  We take all user feedback very seriously, and will follow up on every one.  Please describe the problem as clearly as possible, and include as much information as possible.  It is helpful also to include what web browser you are using.  We try to answer all user queries within 24 hours, excluding Shabbas and Yom Tov.

Does MikvahMinder™ automatically adjust times for Daylight Savings Time?

Yes.  MikvahMinder™ automatically will make adjustments to allow for Daylight Savings Time, or if you choose, you can opt out of this in your preferences.  This feature will work for any timezone worldwide. 


Questions about Cell Phone Reminders:

Does MikvahMinder send SMS messages outside of the United States?


Yes, MikvahMinder™ currently can send SMS messages to users in the United States, Canada, Israel, South Africa and Australia.  We're constantly adding new providers, so if you don't see your cell phone provider, please email the webmaster and let us know.

When should I expect to receive reminders on my cell phone?

MikvahMinder™ sends all reminders between 8 and 9am local time.  However, there have been cases that while the message was sent at 9, due to network delays it was not received until much later.  This is beyond our control and something to be aware of.

Why am I not receiving SMS reminders?

The most common cause for this is that the phone number is not entered in the correct format.  (This applies mostly to users outside the United States.)  When you enter your phone number, please only enter your number without parantheses, country codes, or any other symbols.   MikvahMinder does remove unnecessary symbols, however the system cannot distinguish between country codes and your actual phone number.  If, after removing all this you are still not receiving SMS reminders, please contact the webmaster and we'll try to resolve the problem.   Please include your cell number in your email.

Why are the Shabbat Times way off? And why am I receiving notofications at 2 in the morning??

If you are getting incorrect Shabbat times, chances are that your time zone is not set correctly in your MikvahMinder™ preferences.  After logging in, verify that your timezone is set correctly by clicking on the MikvahMinder™ Settings link in the menu on the left.  MikvahMinder™ Online Taharas HaMishpacha calendar automatically sends out reminders between 8 and 9 in the morning (local time).

Do I have to pay for cell phone reminders?

 While there is no additional fee for MikvahMinder™ to send reminders to your cell phone, your cell provider probably charges you to receive text messages.  If you are concerned, please verify these fees with your cell phone provider before you use this feature.  MikvahMinder™ is not responsible for any charges incurred from your cell phone provider.