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Taharas HaMishpacha 2.0

The fundamental concept behind MikvahMinder was to take what a previously difficult Mitzvah and make it easier for today's world without halachic compromises. While coming up with the concept, we realized that we wanted MikvahMinder to accomplish several goals:

  • Get more women to keep Taharas HaMishpacha by making it easy
  • Provide women with all the necessary resources
Why is Taharas HaMishpacha Difficult?

Most women encounter three difficulties with Taharas HaMishpacha:

  • Calculating the vestos, and other days
  • Remembering what to do on each day
  • Using the Jewish Calendar

MikvahMinder can assist you in all three areas.

Using the Jewish Calendar

MikvahMinder's developers understand that many women today have to interact with the secular world and thus struggle with using the Jewish Calendar for their day-to-day life. MikvahMinder therefore allows you to work seamlessly using either the Jewish Calendar or the Civil Calendar. At any time you can switch to either calendar.

According to Jewish Law, only calculations made using the Jewish calendar are valid for Taharas HaMishpacha. To insure compliance with Halacha, MikvahMinder automatically converts all dates you enter into the Jewish Calendar and then performs the calculations.


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