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27 Tishrei 5770
With His help

To Whom it May Concern,
It is with tremendous joy that I write these words of praise and encouragement.
Thirty years have gone by since I first discovered a very disturbing vacuum in the
halachic practive of recording the menstrual cycle’s onset and projecting its next

The lack of a user-friendly compendium of the relevant laws, as well as a specially
designed Hebrew/Gregorian calendar for that purpose was found to be the cause. With
extraordinary investment of time and resources we published Zemonim, a book which
remedied all the above. Since then it, and its translated version, Times, have been reprinted
dozens of times and enormously reinvigorated observance of these laws, thank G-d.
Subsequently, we published Family Purity—Guide To Marital Fulfillment with the same
aspiration of promoting adherence to these laws.

Throughout these years, though, a deep feeling told me that the critical area of recording
and projecting cycles needed to advance even further to sync with the technological era
exploding around us. This site answers that dream.

I have tested and found it reliable. I believe it is reasonable to
assume it will be refined over time. Nevertheless, I feel that presently its ability certainly
equals or exceeds the knowledge of many, perhaps most, teachers with expertise in these
laws. In that respect, will only strengthen this commandment.
It is well known that the halachic authorities require us to record in writing the wife’s
dates. Therefore, I believe that even using such a program we should continue to keep an
ongoing printed copy in our possessions for backup and reference.

This site is the fruit of many years’ self-sacrifice and toil of Reb Tuvia Givre, B.S.,
B.M. (Cum Laude with Honors) University of Arizona, M.A. Brandeis University, the
developer and Reb Avraham Dubosky M.A. Oxford University the General Manager.
These G-d fearing, farsighted men, and their colleagues, imbue the loftiest goal of
helping our brethren connect with the Tree of Life and its holy mitzvahs. May they and their
families be rewarded accordingly from Heaven.

The developers are consistently striving to incorporate Ashkenaz, Sefard and other
customs, as well as additional options. I therefore strongly encourage rabonim, counselors,
shuchim, teachers, laymen and others to take advantage of these enormous efforts by
spreading observance of these laws.

Waiting for the complete redemption.
With blessings,
Fishel Jacobs (Signed)
Rabbi Fishel Jacobs

Box 316 Kfar Chabad, Israel (03) 9600139 U.S. (212) 655-9278 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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